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Siskiyou’s Online Pharmacy
Medications and Diets Delivered Right to Your Door
Siskiyou is pleased to announce the release of our new online pharmacy which will allow you to get the prescriptions you need without having to compromise your pet’s health or your schedule. 
How does it work?
Just click on the “Home Delivery” in the upper left hand corner.  You can search by typing in the product name in the “Product Search” bar or browse by product categories.  
All regular diet orders will be processed immediately.  All prescriptions will be reviewed promptly by a doctor at Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital.  You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your request has been approved or an explanation of why we were unable to approve the prescription at the time.  Once your order is shipped, you will receive a second e-mail with a confirmation and tracking number so you can check on your order until it arrives at your door.
How is this pharmacy different from other online pharmacies? 

While all online pharmacies offer you the convenience of online ordering and home delivery, our pharmacy offers an additional quality that we feel is vital to your pet’s health: safety.  All of the prescriptions you will find in our pharmacy have been approved and inspected by the FDA.  They have been manufactured and packaged according the U.S. government regulations.  All of the prescriptions will come directly from the drug manufactures themselves.  This means you will never have to worry about where they were purchased or compounded.  Unfortunately, some online pharmacies purchase drugs from outside of the United States.  Having your prescription come directly from the manufacturer also means that your products are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee of the integrity and efficacy of their drugs.  While many online pharmacies can offer discounted prices on prescriptions, they may come at the cost of safety.  Siskiyou’s pharmacy can offer you the medications and diets you need with a guarantee that your prescriptions will be as safe, effective and guaranteed as if you had purchased them from our in-house pharmacy.  


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